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BlogPoll: Week Two

I may be too late to get much feedback on this before the deadline tomorrow morning at 10:00, but here it is.

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Southern Cal 2
3 Texas --
4 Auburn 1
5 Notre Dame 3
6 West Virginia --
7 Louisiana State 2
8 Florida State 2
9 Florida 2
10 Tennessee 10
11 Miami (Florida) --
12 Iowa 3
13 Georgia 1
14 Michigan 1
15 Louisville 3
16 Virginia Tech --
17 Clemson --
18 Nebraska 1
19 Penn State 1
20 Cal 12
21 Oregon --
22 Oklahoma --
23 Texas Tech 1
24 Arizona State 1
25 Minnesota 1

Dropped Out: Boston College (#23).

Not a whole lot has changed.  Notre Dame squeaked out a win against unranked Georgia Tech, so I dropped them a bit.  Southern Cal and Auburn filled the void, with Southern Cal jumping Texas because I think they beat a better team.  I dropped Florida behind LSU and Florida State because I think their wins were better, either more dominating (LSU) or against a better team (FSU).  Tennessee and Cal essentially traded places.  Louisville had an impressive win, but lost their Heisman-contender running back, so they lose a couple of spots for that.  Everything else just sort of settled a bit.

Let me know your thoughts, and if something's really wrong, I can change it in the morning.

UPDATE: Sorry, forgot. Games I watched: South Carolina - Mississippi State. Was on campus all day for the Tennessee-Cal game, so didn't catch any other Saturday games. Meant to catch FSU-Miami, but was sick, so had to settle for highlights. Grumble.