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On not hating the Air Force Falcons's John Adams said it first:

Booing opponents as they enter your stadium is acceptable football behavior. If the opponent happens to be a service academy, that doesn't make you unpatriotic.

But two standing ovations -- one for the Vols and another for the Falcons -- would be more appropriate Saturday. They're both your teams.

 Masses of Everything hates not getting to hate, but hopes Vol fans will follow his lead in welcoming Air Force:

I hope my fellow Volunteer fans will conduct themselves with the proper respect and admiration for our guests, and make everything about their visit to Knoxville, other than the score, enjoyable. Remember, these kids know how to use smart bombs.

Corn from a Jar chimes in on the same theme:

[S]ervice academies are off-limits when it comes to hate, unless you're in the military, then you're allowed to hate whatever branch you're not in.

I'm not saying "don't support the Vols this weekend." But I am saying that this opponent, more than any other, deserves our respect.

Well said.  I heard on the radio today that the Notre Dame crowd recently gave one of the service academies more than one standing ovation when they visited South Bend.  Let's not let Notre Dame and Nebraska corner the market on class.  If we want to solidify our reputation as the best place to be on a Saturday afternoon in the fall, we'll give Air Force a grand welcome they'll never forget.

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