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The Air Force flexbone triple option revealed

The Air Force Academy travels to Rocky Top Saturday to take on the 11th ranked Volunteers.  We've been hearing all week about Air Force's "flexbone" and triple option offensive scheme.  But what exactly is the flexbone triple option?

Rocky Top Talk's investigative reporters have gone undercover and secreted themselves into Air Force team meetings.  The deception has produced the following exclusive photographic evidence of Air Force's game plan against Tennessee:

Seriously, Wikipedia describes the flexbone like so:

The flexbone formation is an offensive formation in American football that utilizes a quarterback, five offensive lineman, three running backs, and varying numbers of tight ends and wide receivers. The flexbone formation is a predominant running formation derived from the wishbone formation and it features a quarterback under center with a fullback lined up directly behind the quarterback. There are two smaller running backs called slotbacks aligned behind the line of scrimmage on each side of the offensive line. The slotbacks are sometimes incorrectly referred to as wingbacks. But, in order to be a wingback, there must be a guard, tackle and tight end all on one side of the center on the line of scrimmage and then the wingback off the line of scrimmage (as featured in the unbalanced formation diagram).

They have pictures.