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Rocky Top Talking Points: Friday

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  • Receiver Robert Meachem is puking his way to success.  Fulmer's Belly, always on top of stomach-related matters, comments:
    Actually, this makes lots of sense if you think about it, since throwing up on a corner, would probably help out with the whole "elusiveness" factor, not to mention that if I were the corner, I'd probably not want to be around that either.  Way to go Robert, keep it up... not down... Get it?  Haha, I kill me. has a really good video feature on Meachem, who does not vomit on camera.

  • Voluntarily Conservative has a must-see picture of the Tennessee-California Vol Walk.  That's what they mean by a "sea of orange."
  • Voluminous brings to the surface some message board chats between Tennessee and Cal fans about the Neyland Stadium pre-game prayer, to which some Cal fans apparently objected.
  • Receiver Bret Smith is still suffering some lingering effects from the concussion he got Saturday against Cal.  He probably won't play against Air Force.  Freshmen Lucas Taylor and Austin Rogers will tag team to fill the void.
  • Junior college transfer and defensive end Walter Fisher is expected to be cleared for contact Monday and should be able to play against Air Force Florida.
  • Corn from a Jar is engaging in a bit of well-deserved gloating.  He predicted that the Tennessee offensive line would seize control of the game and wondered whether it really meant anything to say that Cal's defense this year would be the best he'd ever had.  Turned out he was right.  There were in fact no negative yardage plays given up by the offensive line in the entire game against Cal.  Pretty solid for what most perceived to be the chief weakness of the team.