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Tennessee - Air Force: First thoughts

  • By the skin of your teeth

    A very close miss from some disaster.


    From the Bible, Old Testament Job 19:20:

        My bone cleaveth to my skin and to my flesh, and I am escaped with the skin of my teeth.

  • Player of the game: Xavier Mitchell, who had something like 10 solo tackles and the game-winning sack to end Air Force's two-point-conversion-to-win gamble and preserve the one-point victory.

  • Injuries: Arian Foster out.  Why?  Justin Harrell out.  Why?  Ramone Foster out with an ankle injury.  Inky Johnson immobilized, carted off the field, and taken to the hospital.  How's he doing?

  • Erik Ainge and Robert Meachem have both strung together two excellent performances in a row.  Up until Ainge's interception late in the game, his efficiency rating had to be through the roof.

  • Florida head coach Urban Meyer can forget whatever plan he was going to draw up for next week's game and just watch the tape of this game.  Defense made a presumably high-powered offense and Heisman-contending running back look awful, and made Air Force look like a national title contender.  The jury has reconsidered, resequestered, and is now redeliberating on the fate of the Tennessee defense.

  • What's with the guy looking at his cell phone the whole game, relaying scores of other games to those around him like they care?  Did you have one of those guys in your section?  "Troy is beating Florida State by three!"  Dude, Air Force is leading Tennessee by seven in front of your nose.

  • Britton Colquitt did not punt the entire game.

  • It appears that the answer to the question, "Is Tennessee that good, or is Cal that bad," is, uh, the latter.

More tomorrow.

Go Vols!