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Outback Bowl Game Day open thread

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All right, folks. Last football game for nine months. Let's make it count.

This should be a fantastic matchup. Keys to the game:

  • Can Tennessee running back LaMarcus Coker get to the edge for at least one long run against Penn State's run defense, which should otherwise shut UT down?
  • Can Penn State stop Ainge-in-Orange to Robert Meachem, Jayson Swain, whoever subs for Bret Smith, and Jeff Cottam?
  • Will Ainge even get much of a chance on offense, or will PSU's Tony Hunt hog the ball for 75% of the time?
  • Will Penn State QB Anthony Morelli throw a pick to each of the Jonathans?

I'm on record for the Vols, 27-16, which could make me look exceptionally foolish come 3:00 EST.

Leave your comments below. I'll also have a Skype public chat open. You may need Skype 3.0 beta, but perhaps the latest 2.5 will work -- don't know. If you find an answer to this question, let the rest of us know.

Go Vols!

Update [2007-1-1 15:4:38 by Joel]: Public chat closed.