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Animated Drive Chart: Outback Bowl, Tennessee Volunteers v. Penn State Nittany Lions

The team that makes the fewest mistakes will win. -- Neyland's First Maxim

The Volunteers were off to a decent start. Penn State was driving, but they'd missed a field goal and punted twice. Tennessee had punted on their first drive, but had driven into field goal range, and Wilhoit had done what PSU's kicker could not: he kicked it through.  Tennessee, 3-0.

And then the first two of a game full of mistakes. Jonathan Hefney fielded a punt inside the five-yard line. Five plays later, running back Arian Foster fumbled at the 24, essentially gift-wrapping a field goal that even Penn State's kicker could make.

Some decent football thereafter ensued, with PSU ripping off an 88-yard TD drive and Tennessee answering with its own 80-yard TD drive.

On UT's second second-half drive, UT QB Erik Ainge, focusing a bit too much on the Penn State exceptional linebacking corps, threw an interception to the PSU safety.

And just when you thought the tables had turned, after a momentum swing triggered by a 53-yard pass to Chris Brown, after the Vols found themselves at the fourteen yard line only down by seven, Foster again coughed up the ball, gift-wrapping another seven points to PSU, as the defender picked it up and raced 88 yards to the other end zone for a score and a lead they would not yield for the duration.

Two fumbles, one interception, 10 points. Add to that multiple missed opportunities, and you end up with . . . well, that.

Click on the graphic below to see the agony in living color.

2006 Outback Bowl, Tennessee Volunteers v. Penn State Nittany Lions