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Three Dribbles and a Pass: Vandy ARGHHH!

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'Cause I really can't call it "3 Thoughts and a Cloud of Dust" when it's about basketball, can I? On to it...

In a game that was not televised (ARGHHH!), Tennessee lost to Vandy (ARGHHH!) at the buzzer (ARGHHH!)  81-82 (arghh). Despite what seems in the box score to be sufficient Discombobulation (29 points from Lofton), adequate Blending (4 rebounds, 8 assists from Bradshaw) and the two-headed monster of DuWayne Chews combining for 19 and the Crews half of the monster slamming home what I'm sure seemed like a game-winning dunk with three seconds left, Tennessee couldn't pull out a win in their first road conference game. Even leaving the El Camino in the garage and taking the Orange Blazer to the game wasn't enough. One culprit: a 6-15 night at the free throw line, including just 2-7 from Bradshaw. Did I mention ARGHHHHH!!!!!

So what sports fare did I have to choose from while UT/VU wasn't on? Well, ESPN had Georgia Tech/Duke and then a NBA game, but they get somewhat of pass because it was their ACC night. On ESPN2, Pitt beat DuPaul 59-49. Barns burning. Rumors of Kevin O'Neal coaching both teams simultaneously are under investigation. That roundball clinic was followed by Rock Chalk Jayhawk drubbing Oklahoma St. by 30. It was a top-10 matchup, so the Duce had that going for them, but in hindsight it seems a poor choice. In the one televised SEC game, FSN/ Lincoln Pilot featured Kentucky blowing up Auburn 84-57. Other sports fare included bull riding and the Hornets and Hawks falling in the woods and not making a sound.

Up next is a trip to Columbus to play 5th-ranked Ohio State. If not arghhh, then ugh. The Buckeyes are coming off a loss to Wisconsin, so they're ticked, and obviously Tennessee better be angry about dropping this one in Nashville. Manchild Greg Oden will be matched against Tennessee freshmen Crews and Chism. Maybe by then we'll know the truth behind Chism's odd disappearance during the game.