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Sorting through the Wayne Chism questions

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This morning, Joel asked: "Are you buying the Wayne Chism has asthma story?" Well, yes, with a "but...." There's no reason to think Chism doesn't have asthma, it's apparently bothered him before and, according to the News-Sentinel and others, he uses an inhaler and medication to control it.

But ... there seems to be more to it than asthma. Both Pearl and Chism himself say that the environment of the game is part of what got to him. I'm no doctor, but that sounds like panic attack territory. So has that happened to him before? Are there any medical steps being taken to ensure it's not going to happen again?

Really, as much as we'd all like to know, the answers to those questions are none of our business. It's that kid's medical issue. It's the reason they make you stand behind the blue line at the pharmacy. But, as Areolab points out, there will be more tight games in louder places than Memorial Gym (what's the kid going to do at Rupp?!). Hopefully for him and for the team, it's an issue that can be addressed.

 Other unanswered questions: Why did Chism appear angry? Why did he  shove Duke Crews? Apparently there were other cases of emotions running high on Wednesday night. It's not surprising, Pearl is an emotional guy, so why wouldn't his players be, too.

According to Pearl and the KNS, the team "watched film and 'visited among themselves'" on Thursday. So whatever the problem is/was, it's being handled internally. I think that's a good thing, but the proof will be in the remaining half of the schedule.

It's unfortunate that this happened right before the nationally televised game Saturday, but I guess it's better than if it happened before a game against Kentucky or Florida.

One final question: If an incident like this had happened on the football team, what would people be saying about Fulmer right now?

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