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Tennessee-Ohio State open thread

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1:00 EST

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No. 19

No. 5

The basketball Vols head north to take on No. 5 Ohio State today at 1:00 EST. CBS has the telecast, and Rocky Top Talk has your game day open thread. I think that both Corn from a Jar and I will be here, so be sure to stop by and hang out with us if you can.

Chris Lofton, who leads the SEC with 22.6 points per game, may need to reign in his discombobulation effect, as it inadvertently extended to freshman Wayne Chism against Vanderbilt last Wednesday. Chism apparently got so frustrated during that game that it triggered an asthma attack and a shove to teammate Duke Crews, the other half of the two-headed monster affectionately known around these here parts as DuWayne Chews. So Chris, set the discombobulator on nine today and see what happens. Maybe nine and three-quarters. It's Ohio State after all.

Not only was the Vandy game a frustrating experience for Chism, but the Vols lost the thing on a tipped shot as time expired thus ending UT's nine-game winning streak. Hopefully, coach Pearl can tweak the formula and reinfuse the team with any chemistry it may have lost in Nashville. Playing a 5th-ranked team at their place may not be the most conducive environment to regain your balance, but we're in good hands with mad scientist Pearl, who is 5-2 against ranked teams while at Tennessee. He's 2-1 this year, having beaten No. 15 Oklahoma State and No. 16 Memphis. We lost to No. 2 North Carolina and didn't look good doing it.

Leave your pre-game thoughts here, and join us at the tip. 1:00 EST, CBS.

Editor's Note [editor's note, by CornFromAJar]:Hat tip to Michael David Smith at the Basketball Fanhouse for this link to the O-Zone's fantastic scouting report of Tennessee. It's all about the Vols, so it won't help you get ready for OSU much, but it's a really good read on the team.

Go Vols!