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Rocky Top Talking Points: Buzzer beaten, again edition

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So close, and yet so ARGHHH!: One would think sending Chris Lofton to the free-throw line in the waning seconds with a chance to ice the game would mean certain victory for UT. One would be wrong. Lofton missed the front end of a one-and-one, allowing OSU to run the floor and hit the game-winning three on Saturday. Dane Bradshaw says: "It was a battle and down the stretch it looked like we were going to be the team that was going to win but they hit a big shot and won." Pretty well sums it up.

If they're free, why are they so costly?: Lofton's free miss came in his only trip to the stripe all day. There are two main aspects to Lofton's game: catch and shoot from behind the arc, or dribble-drive and toss in some Jordanesque mind-bender. The former won't get you to the line often, but the latter should. Bruce Pearl agrees:

"It's almost ironic that Chris gets to the foul line one time in that game," Pearl said. "That's an All-American out there who gets to the foul line one time. I'll tell you, I respect Greg Oden tremendously and I understand what (goes on) with inside play. But Chris Lofton doesn't go to the foul line but one time at the very end on an (obvious) foul.

"I would think he makes that free throw if he gets there and maybe if he sees it from 15 feet any other time in the basketball game."

Bradshaw was a little more blunt: "Maybe his quiet demeanor doesn't get him the respect of the refs. I don't know."

On the other hand, literally: OSU's 7-foot manchild Greg Oden, who played Gulliver to Tennessee's Lilliputians, made all six of his free-throws, left handed. Greg Oden's not left handed, by the way. What's your excuse now, Shaq?

Maybe he thought Hodges Library was just a funny-looking dorm: In football news, time also ran out on Demetrice Morley this week, as the sophomore starting safety was denied admission for spring semester and probably will not attempt a return to UT. Official Corn from a Jar Brand Opinion says: no pity when you've been put on academic probation and still don't get the job done.