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Rocky Top Talking Points: random Monday edition

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  • Kyle over at Dawg Sports cites the fact that Tennessee has, in the regular season, played a Pac-10 team 22 of the last 34 years in rebuttal of a comment that the SEC, when examined, "will undoubtedly lead the weenie list again in 2007."
  • Rakes of Mallow has posted the final results for this year's Maxwell Pundit, and crowned Hawaii's Colt Brennan the winner. Brian is appalled at the rest of us. Are you?
  • As Corn from a Jar mentioned yesterday, Demetrice Morley has been dismissed from the team and is not even enrolled in school anymore. The Tennessean quoted Morley as saying to several teammates that he wasn't sure he wanted to return to Tennessee. Let me answer that for you. You don't. As coach Fulmer said, "Our athletes have a tremendous support system at the university. . . . The bottom line is he was not accountable for his own actions when he had every chance to succeed." So he may have wanted to play football, but not enough to also go to class or utilize the support system for assistance. He may end up at a junior college or some other place, but if this is it for his college career, what a tremendous waste. Come to think of it, his time at Tennessee was a waste. He made some plays and did fairly well, but it was clear that we were mostly just getting him experience so that he could really contribute over the next couple of years. Ugh, Morley. Ugh.
  • Update on the 2006 College Football Blogger Awards: all of this year's nominees are up in the trophy case. That static page also contains a link to a file that will allow you to download all of the bookmarks for this year's nominees (both blog nominees and post nominees) in one neat little package and import them into your browser of choice all at once. I plan to add an OPML link soon that will allow you to import their RSS feeds into your feed reader in a single batch, so be watching for that, too. College football bloggers can vote through the end of the day this Wednesday, 1/17/07, over at Brian's Voting Machine. Also, if you did not get an email from me about the nominee buttons, it's because I couldn't find your address, so if you want a button, email me.
  • GrossE254 is back, this time with a hoops video:
  • If you haven't heard Corn from a Jar's first podcast yet, go get it now.
  • HUGE NFL game this week involving UT alum Peyton Manning's Indianapolis Colts. Be sure to check in regularly this week with Stampede Blue, SBN's Colts blog, as Manning and the Colts prepare to take on the New England Patriots -- again -- for the right to play in Super Bowl 41.
  • Kevin at Fanblogs has a really cool post compiling YouTubes of various football teams' entrances. Check it out.