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Rocky Top Talking Points: voting day edition

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I spent most of my morning casting my ballot for the blogger awards. If you're a college football blogger, and you're waiting until the last minute to vote, make sure to allow yourself a little more time than you think you need, as there are probably several blogs that you'll need to check out in order to rank them. Voting closes at the end of the day tomorrow. Just to clarify, by the way, we won't be announcing the winners right away. We're going to need some time to do them justice.

  • I am way late pointing this out, but The Wizard of Odds has a great post and poll on the most classless acts of the 2006 season. My vote went to Steve Spurrier interrogating his defensive coordinator at a post-game press conference. The current leader, though, is former Miami Hurricane receiver (and now former color commentator) Lamar Thomas voicing his appreciation for the debacle that was the five-minute long Miami-Florida International brawl.
  • Basketball Vol Jordan Howell, who's been rehabbing a broken bone in his shooting hand, returned to practice yesterday. He hopes to return to action Saturday against South Carolina. Perhaps tomorrow against Auburn.
  • The deadline to declare for the NFL draft has come and gone, and UT All-American receiver Robert Meachem is apparently the only Vol going pro early.

All for now.