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Outback Bowl: post-game awards

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Tony Awards: Penn State running back Tony Hunt and QB Anthony Morelli. We feared Hunt,  and he did worse to us than we expected. We did not fear Morelli. And should have.

Worst play: Arian Foster, who fumbled away momentum, a touchdown opportunity, and perhaps the game, all in a single play. Link to a thousand words.

Best man: Arian Foster, who stayed longer than anyone else for post-game interviews to field all of the tough questions.

Best salting of a wound: Hunt, who said after racking up 158 rushing yards against UT for an Outback Bowl MVP performance,

I didn't really think they were that physical of a team. They really boast and brag about their speed, and I think we brought something to the table that they really couldn't handle.

Best New Year's Resolution: Defensive coordinator John Chavis, who said shortly after the loss to Penn State,

I can promise you that we're going to be more physical. We're going to get to where we can play solid defense the way we want to play it at Tennessee. It will be a tough offseason and a demanding spring. We've got a lot of work to do.

Worst idea: UT's linebackers, who, if what Penn State receiver Deon Butler says is true, were "talking trash to [Hunt] after tackling him eight yards down the field."

Best precognition: UT's LaMarcus Coker, who said he knew he would score on his touchdown run as soon as the team got to the line of scrimmage:

I knew soon as we got to the line of scrimmage that it was a touchdown. Their defense was unbalanced and I knew the way that play was set up, that I was going to cut back, and as long as [Robert] Meachem got his block that it was going to go to the house. I saw that before we snapped the ball.

Worst best kept secret: LaMarcus Coker, who, despite gaining over seven yards per carry and getting the Vols' only TD of the game, spent most of his time either in the doghouse or on the bench. Maybe that's the same thing.

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