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Alabama blog threatens Smokey, activist group attempts intervention

Exclusive to Rocky Top Talk:

TUSCALOOSA, AL -- Bloggers known only as Nico and Todd have allegedly kidnapped beloved Tennessee mascot Smokey and are threatening the canine's life if semi-popular Alabama blog Roll Bama Roll does not win Best SEC Blog in the 2006 College Football Blogger Awards.  

Activist group PEDA has raised concern over the issue. Not to be confused with animal-rights group PETA, PEDA stands for Praying for the End of Disillusionment in Alabama. PEDA became involved after receiving a tip from Michigan blog Maize n Brew.

PEDA has been a busy organization lately, explains spokesman Rusty Earnhardt: "First, we had to explain to folks why Steve Spurrier and Rich Rodriguez didn't want to coach at the Capstone. In the last couple of weeks, we've had to quell rumors that Nick Saban is possessed by the spirit of Bear Bryant." When asked how this incident of threatened mascoticide falls under the category of "disillusionment," Earnhardt said, "Everybody knows Orson's going to win that stupid award, anyway. Heck, they should have kidnapped a gator. Nobody would mind seeing one of those put down."

More as the story develops.