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Paul Westerdawg: Coach Fulmer earns distinction of leading the "Camel Club"

Paul Westerdawg from over at the great Georgia Sports Blog has a list of the longest currently-tenured coaches at a BCS conference school that have not made it to a BCS bowl game. It's an interesting list, with Arkansas' Houston Nutt and Clemson's Tommy Bowden leading the way.

Of particular interest to Vol fans, PWD also mentions coach Fulmer as leading the "Camel Club," the distinction reserved for the coach with the longest dry spell between BCS bowls, which is what, seven years and counting for coach Fulmer? The kicker: "35 different BCS schools have made BCS appearances since 1998. There are only 65 schools in BCS conferences.

Let me say again for the record: I support coach Fulmer.

But . . . ouch.