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Rocky Top Talking Points: etc., etc., etc. edition

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  • The Lady Vols got absolutely smoked for the first six minutes of the game against No. 1 Duke last night, falling behind 19-0 out of the gate. They eventually stormed back and made it a game, but in the end, they lost by four (74-70). Basketball coach Bruce Pearl, with chest painted orange, joined the Rocky Top Rowdies in the student section for the beginning of the game to lend his support.
  • Tennessee guard Chris Lofton's x-rays revealed no fractures, but he could still be out anywhere from one week (he'll miss Ole Miss this Wednesday and Kentucky on Sunday) to three weeks. Coach Pearl hopes to get him back for the home game against Georgia on January 31 or the road game at Florida on February 3. With Lofton out, expect to see DuWayne Chews on the floor together more often. That would put Dane Bradshaw at small forward and the two Smiths at the guard positions.
  • On the CFB awards, we have the final tallies, and we're busy writing the posts announcing the winners. Because there are 22 of them, and because we're wanting to give them the effort they deserve, it's taking some time, and so I don't expect the announcements to happen this week. Hopefully by next Tuesday or Wednesday, but we'll see.

All for now. Both Corn from a Jar and I are working on other, more involved posts, etc. that are taking a bit more time to do. So stay tuned for those.