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Rocky Top Talking Points: It's game day, right? edition

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A buddy of mine recently sent an email complaining that since I've moved over here with Joel, he has to look at the by-line to pick out my posts. So to help him, and 'cause I think it looks kinda cool, I've come up with a little bullet-point logo doohickey in the shape of a moonshine jug (you know, corn-from-a-jar and all). Joel will have one too, as soon as we can figure out how to represent "Rocky Top Talk" graphically.

Yeah, so if you stopped by here at about 12:45 Saturday, you might have seen an open thread for the UT/Kentucky game at Rupp. Guess I just get a little excited about playing the 'Cats, though I'm not exactly sure why...but I was convinced that the game was yesterday. It's today. Go me. There will be an open thread at the appropriate time and place.

Did you see this headline from the Tennessean Friday: UT still owns Vandy. That's pretty much common knowledge, so I'm not really sure it's newsworthy. It's nice to see in print, though.

Also according to the Tennessean, Trooper Taylor will be staying at Tennessee. Good for recruiting, and good for Trooper. We're going to lose him one of these days, but the head coaching job at Howard wasn't the right next step for him.

Speaking of Trooper's future, one of the knocks on the UT coaching staff is that coaches stay at Tennessee seemingly forever. many fans feel that if the coaches are really that good, they should be getting offers from other teams. According to Fulmer in that same article:

Almost every year some of our coaches are contacted by other universities or the NFL. Sometimes it becomes public, other times it does not. When you have good people, that is going to happen.
Take it for what you will, but if that's true, in my opinion, the school should make it more public. Coaches seen as highly-sought-after can only help raise the program's prestige and profile.

I have been remiss in answering Roll Bama Roll's accusation that Tennessee fans are illiterate, made all the more ironic by this post a few days later. He done a fine job, indeed, Todd. Let me just say that Tennessee fans are not illiterate, we're just too busy protecting our recruits from Nick Saban's poaching to read an entire post.

All for now. Come back this afternoon for the UT/UK open thread.