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Nick Saban to coach Alabama Crimson Tide

ESPN, among others, is reporting that Nick Saban has accepted the position of head coach for the Alabama Crimson Tide.


Time to recap Smitty's earlier statistics:

4-8 (.333) vs. Spurrier: (2-3 since 1998)
2-4 (.333) vs. Richt
1-3 (.250) vs. Tuberville
1-2 (.333) vs. Saban
0-2 (.000) vs. Meyer

Saban coached at LSU from 2000 to 2004.

2000 - Lost
2001 - Won in the regular season, lost in the SEC Championship. You remember this, right?
2002 - Did not play; LSU went 8-5.
2003 - Did not play; LSU went 13-1, losing only to Florida, and won the SEC Championship and the National Championship.
2004 - Won. Did not play.

So . . . Fulmer is 2-2 1-2 against Nick Saban, as Smitty said. Had they played in 2002 and 2003, UT probably would have been 2-3, with a W in 2002 and an L in 2003. Can't deduce what might have happened in 2004 with any degree of certainty. Weigh the loss in 2001 heavier than the regular season win.

By the way, it's offical. Just saw Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga's press conference.

Wikipedia's Nick Saban page.

Like I said, great.