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The 2006 College Football Blogger Awards: still pending!

Okay, so I told you there were going to be SNAFUs, and, well, there have. Most of the time variety. But contrary to rumor, Brian is in fact still alive and kicking, and he and I have been diligently working on getting the official nominations for the 2006 College Football Blogger Awards rolled out, but it's proving to be even more work than we anticipated. We have enlisted assistance from some notables you will surely recognize and trust, and so we should be only a few blogging days away from finalizing the official nominee list and announcing it. I am traveling for the next two days, though, so don't count them as blogging days.

Stay tuned. Meanwhile, enjoy the nifty new Snap preview thingy I installed this morning. If you haven't done so already, roll over a link to a site outside RTT. Preview! Snap!