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Tennessee v. Mississippi State game day open thread

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The 19th-ranked basketball Vols begin the defense of their SEC East crown today as they host Mississippi State. The game is the SEC opener for both teams.

Update [2007-1-7 14:59:38 by Joel]: The game is on Lincoln Financial at 4:00 EST.

Guard Chris Lofton has carried the Vols through its current eight-game winning streak, but his history against the Bulldogs is not that great. He's averaged only 8.0 points against them in two games, well off his 20-something average.

Leave your in-game comments below, and, if you're feeling adventurous, join the public chat by clicking "join now" below. You'll need Skype, perhaps the Skype 3.0 beta, but perhaps the latest 2.5 will work -- don't know.

Update [2007-1-7 18:55:24 by Joel]: Public chat closed.