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Howdy, y'all.

Hey there, Vol fans. Today marks the begining of a new venture in the Big Orange blogosphere. Joel has graciously invited me into the fold here at Rocky Top Talk as a co-blogger, and I have enthusiastically accepted.

You might know me from the Corn from a Jar blog or the AOL Tennessee FanHouse blog. Or you might not know me at all, that's okay, too. We'll all get to know each other soon enough.

I'll tell you what Johnny Cash told the prisoners when he played at San Quentin: "I'm here to do what I want to do, and what you want me to. So whaddaya want to hear?"

Most of my posts at CFAJ have been commentaries about whatever I think is fantastic or awful in Tennessee sports, really bad predictions that never come true, and the occasional mildly funny phrase like "We must protect this cheese." Sometimes I even analyze actual stats and draw well-reasoned conclusions from them, but that tends to be time consuming. Mostly I like to rave about David Cutcliffe and talk about Bruce Pearl's ties. So you can expect a lot of that.

But I'd also like to know what you all want to see here. So any time, feel free to give suggestions in the comments or shoot me an email. While I'll be continuing to use the Corn from a Jar moniker, I also answer to "Andy," so use either one.

Thanks, and I look forward to this new era of Rocky Top Talk.

Andy K.
Corn from a Jar