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BlogPoll draft ballot: weak six, and yes, I meant to spell it that way

Ugh, oy, and argh. Time to play Spot the Internal Inconsistencies! Kids, can you spot the 17 internal inconsistencies, 19 errors, and 12 logical fallacies in the following list?

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU --
2 Southern Cal --
3 California 2
4 South Florida 9
5 Kentucky 10
6 Boston College 4
7 Ohio State 1
8 Oregon 1
9 Wisconsin 3
10 Missouri 7
11 Nebraska 7
12 Virginia Tech 14
13 South Carolina 3
14 West Virginia 7
15 Georgia 5
16 Clemson 5
17 Auburn 9
18 Florida 14
19 Oklahoma 16
20 Florida State 6
21 Texas 13
22 Hawaii 4
23 Purdue --
24 Rutgers 10
25 Tennessee 1

Dropped Out: Cincinnati (#19), Alabama (#21), Penn State (#22), Arizona State (#24), Kansas (#25).


LSU and Southern Cal. The question of number one really came down to the question of who was better between Virginia Tech and Nebraska, LSU's and Southern Cal's respective best wins. Unfortunately, there is no real clear answer to that question! Yay! In the end I went with Virginia Tech and therefore gave the nod to LSU. Yes? No?

California. Um, woo! Tennesseans like these guys with no ulterior motive!

South Florida. Undefeated, and knocked off West Virginia on Saturday. But you knew that.

Kentucky. Yikes. The sky is falling! Or are those just Andre Woodson passes? The Big Blue is undefeated in the SEC East. Of course, they haven't actually played anybody in the SEC East yet, either. But after this weekend, undefeated means something, and the Wildcats did beat Louisville and Arkansas, so that's worth something. Still, that purty "10" next to the dazzling green arrow is double digits, and double digit deltas frighten me, so help me fix this.

Boston College. Huh? Well, like I said about Kentucky, maybe they haven't played anybody, but they haven't lost, either. Oh, and in fact, they beat Georgia Tech. Shabby not.

Ohio State. Party No. 3 in the "haven't played anybody but haven't lost, either" category.

Oregon. Okay, now we're talking. One loss, but a narrow miss on a fluke on the last play to the current No. 3 team is the best loss of the year so far.

Wisconsin. Oh, now we're back to that: not lost, not really played. Um, Aerobab, didn't you cure me of this problem last year?

Missouri. Now this is embarrassing. Four wins over unranked opponents, no losses. Moving on.

Nebraska. The Cornhuskers have maybe the second best loss of the season, to Southern Cal. Their other four wins are not all that impressive, though.

Virginia Tech. Since getting blown out by LSU, the Hokies have won three games in a row. Against less than stellar competition, yes, but these days, a streak is a streak. How many different ways have I said that now?

Steve Spurrier. Probably tied with Nebraska for the second best loss, theirs to LSU. Couple that with a good win against Georgia and . . . it looks like I should have swapped them with the Huskers.

West Virginia. This is an interesting positive catch 22. Like Florida and Oklahoma, the Mountaineers have only one loss. But West Virginia's loss is to South Florida, a team which is on a tear. Then again, the Bulls' high rank is partially a result of beating . . . West Virginia. Still, a loss to a ranked team is better than a loss to an unranked team, so West Virginia beats out the Gators and the Sooners.

Georgia. One loss, to South Carolina. One good win against Alabama. See West Virginia.

Clemson. Clemson? Really? One loss, to Georgia Tech, one win over Florida State, and three wins against nobodies. Oy.

Auburn. Hoo boy. Two losses, not only to South Florida, but also to Mississippi State. Hyde. Win over Florida. Jekyl. I have no idea. Throwing a dart . . . 17!

Florida and Oklahoma. The question here: who's Saturday loss was worse? Florida lost to two loss Auburn, and Oklahoma lost to two loss Colorado. Colorado's two losses were to Arizona State and Florida State, and Auburn's losses were to Mississippi State and South Florida. Nod to Auburn and to Florida. By the way, while doing a bit of quick research for the animation this week, I learned something I had not known before: the Sooners are actually named after cheaters. Huh.

Florida State. Joel’s back in the driver's seat and the ‘Noles are back in the poll! One loss to Clemson plus one win over Alabama equals the ire of Corn from a Jar. One of their wins was over Colorado, by the way, who just beat Oklahoma. So, you know. There.

Texas. Another team that had its first loss, but this loss was not only to an unranked team, but a blow out at home. Orange. UTs. Mighty. Fallen.

Hawaii. No losses. No opponents. Lots of sun. Points for the Pacific!

Purdue. Five wins against non-ranked opponents equals five wins, but it's still sometimes less than five minus one. In certain unpredictable circumstances. Like the flight patterns of darts.

Rutgers. Another team that had its first lost this weekend. To an unranked Maryland. Incidentally, I chopped wood this weekend and have the blisters to prove it. Thought you'd want to know.

Tennessee. Yoo-hoo! Did you forget about us? You know, the team that got blown out twice already this year? Yeah, well those were away games at Cal and at Florida. Them's two pretty good teams. Is two such losses to good teams worse than one loss to an unranked team? To avoid inadvertently taking home the CK award this week, I'm going with two losses being worse.

Not making the cut: UCLA and any team with five wins over a slate of opponents that includes the team identified by the mysterious acronym SDSU. Who is that? I refuse to look them up.

This thing will self-destruct and get RTT kicked out of the BlogPoll Wednesday at 10:00 EST by going live. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: help. Save the world.