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Talking points: I'm a man! I'm 40! And chronically behind!!

Coming soon.

  • Vols to the Wall asks the question on every Vol fan's mind: Can Tennessee run the table? College Football News apparently thinks we can at least get to the SEC Championship game because they have us slated for the Capital One Bowl (as the SEC No. 2) against Wisky. And yeah, Mississippi may be Josh McNeil's home, but Dave Hooker states the obvious anyway: There's nothing sexy about Mississippi State, but cautions us to not take the Bulldogs too lightly. Indeed, Mississippi State's defensive front presents some problems. And finally, on the Vols' front, Ghost of Neyland is headed out for vacation, but he's left a poem in his wake.
  • Mystery solved. That pantomime that Tim Tebow did when he got into the end zone against LSU last Saturday? Dialing a phone. It was his response to threatening phone calls he was getting on his cell phone preceding the game.
  • Okay, for the casual and first time readers (welcome!) who might have missed one of the biggest stories in the college sports blogosphere over the past couple of weeks, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy flipped out and ripped a newspaper columnist in a post-game press conference:
  • Priceless, right? And sure to spawn knock-offs, right? Right:

    So the next time you hear "I'm a man! I'm 40!" you'll know why.

  • Finally, Burnt Orange Nation has a nice tribute to receiver Limas Sweed, whose career at Texas is over due to a season-ending injury.