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Alabama Crimson Tide 41, Tennessee Volunteers 17: a few of my not favorite things

Brace yourselves. Not pretty, even in shiny gradients and pie charts.

Full screen version.

Absolutely, positively horrid defense. Twelve possessions for the Tide resulted in four TDs, four field goals, one missed field goal, and only two punts. A 75% success rate for the opponent is not a good thing.

The Vol offense kept pace for awhile and even took the lead at one point, but went all futile and stuff after the break. Six second half possessions for Tennessee ended in two interceptions, three punts, and one turnover on downs. That would be a 0% success rate, and even I can do that without assistance from Texas Instruments. Zeroes on offense: not good things.

Charts? Charts:

A bona fide Pacman in the time of possession pie. Langoliers are not good things.

Alabama had 27 first downs on the ground. We had 33 total. Say it with me: not a good thing. Oh, another not good thing: we gave the Tide six first downs on penalties.

Add more not good things to the pile : Alabama had 363 yards passing, one more than Tennessee had total. Sheesh.

Well, here's a sliver of silver lining: Arian Foster gained 91 yards on the ground and another 74 yards through the air. But it's a brief respite from boo hoo to woo when your running back out-receives the second-leading receiver by 22 yards and your best receiver gets lumped into the "Four Others" category.

These are a few of my not favorite things.