Some points I'd like to make after the Armani Bear['s education of Fulmer]*

Not feeling well today, so the Monday morning stuff will have to wait until this afternoon or tomorrow. Thanks to Rusty for the following diary, and apologies to him for having to Fulmerize (TM!)* part of it. -- ed. *Ful·mer·ize - verb (used with object)

1. to reduce profanities and/or obscenities to a PG or lower rating by substituting for such profanity and/or obscenity a word commonly used by Tennessee Volunteer football coach Phillip Fulmer.

  • At least things aren't as bad for UT they are for Notre Dame, which has undergone perhaps the most horrific collapse in the program's history. A 38-0 shellacking by USC doesn't even register on the trauma scale this year.
  • At least things aren't as bad for UT as they are for Texas A&M, where the coach is about to be fired for losing a lot of games and for selling gambling secrets to boosters by way of a double-secret newsletter.
  • At least things aren't as bad for UT as they are for Nebraska, where the coach is a dead man walking after the AD that hired him was fired for the football program's collapse. And after he (says a fired trainer) called the interim AD, most super-duper Huskers coach of all time, statesman, and all-around grandfather figure Tom Osbourne "that crusty old [jerk] [Coach Callahan, you've been Fulmerized! -- ed.]." And alienated ex-players. And was blown out 36-14 yesterday by the atrocious Texas A&M team from the last bullet point.

No, this is just run-of-the-mill jumping the shark and losing the confidence of the fan base, not something particularly catastrophic by measure on this year's scale.

Despite gross coaching incompetence in all major games but one, UT still has an outside chance at contending for the SEC East. But someone (ahem, Georgia) would have to beat Florida, and UT would have to beat South Carolina, Arkansas, Kentucky and Vandy. I'm tempted to say Florida can punch their card to rematch LSU in the SEC title game, but things have been strange this year. I'm done with predictions.

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