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Yankees headed south for Tennessee-Arkansas need your help

All right, folks, put on your shoes, put in your teeth, and hide the moonshine. The Yankees are coming.

A couple of weeks ago, Brian forwarded me the following email he received from an mgoblog reader:

My 3 buddies and I are all Michigan fans (and huge college football fans in general) and we live in NYC.  [Poor things. -- ed.] Every year we road trip to a different school to take in a weekend of tailgating and partying.  We try to plan the next year for which games will be good, and which stadiums/atmosphere will be the most fun.  This Nov we are heading to Rocky Top for the Tennessee vs.. Arkansas game.  My question is this: Do you know any of the Tennessee blogs or message boards?  Or any of the guys who run them?  Or do you have any buddies in that area?   I wouldn't mind trying to set something up, find out where to tailgate? Where to go in Knoxville on Friday night?  Ya know just try to get the lowdown so we aren't stupid northeast tourists and we miss all the fun...  etc etc.  I mean we are 4 26-27 year old dudes, so I want to figure out a good gameplan for when we are down there.

I thought I'd toss this out publicly so we could get them some relevant information because I'm pretty sure that sitting in my basement eating frozen pizza and watching Christy DVDs with my wife and daughters isn't what they have in mind for Friday night before the game. Hate to break it to you, guys, but in a few short years the girls you'll be chasing will be wearing underwear with the Little Mermaid on them.

Anyway, I know that they'll need to give their ears a tune up and that there are certain things that they absolutely have to eat when when they get here, but what should they do in Knoxville the night before the game? Where should they set up to tailgate before the game? What other stuff should they know before they head down here? Help the poor Notherners out, will ya? I was once one myself.