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BlogPoller Disorder: A Tale of Two Voters

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU --
2 Oregon 11
3 Arizona State 4
4 Ohio State 2
5 Oklahoma 6
6 Kansas --
7 Boston College 4
8 West Virginia 2
9 Missouri 5
10 Virginia Tech 6
11 Auburn 10
12 Georgia 14
13 Alabama 11
14 Michigan 1
15 Texas 1
16 Southern Cal 4
17 Florida 8
18 Tennessee 8
19 South Carolina 1
20 Kentucky 1
21 Connecticut 5
22 Wake Forest 4
23 South Florida 18
24 Boise State 2
25 Hawaii 17

Dropped Out: Virginia (#17), California (#20), Penn State (#22), Rutgers (#23), Texas Tech (#25).

So here's the story: last week, we were criticized by Brian for Hawaii's huge jump on our ballot. The thing is that depending on who has more time in a given week, either Joel or I will enter the ballot. Joel and I don't think alike on everything... for example, Hawaii's place in the top 25. I believe Hawaii deserves a ranking just because surviving this long with a perfect record, even against really, really, bad competition, is worth something, not much, but something. So 25 seems a likely place for them.

Contrast that with Joel, who apparently sees the Warriors as dark horse national title contenders. Hey, at least he's off the FSU wagon.

Bottom line is, I don't think the "deltas" are that big of a deal. I don't look at the previous week's ballot anyway, I just go by what that week feels like.

The key here is you guys. Because Joel's opinion and mine are going to be so different, we need y'all to help level us out. So as always, leave your thoughts and suggestions on how to make this ballot better before it goes live Wednesday.  

Also, and I don't know why this is, but I feel like I made a huge error on this ballot. Can't put my finger on it, but something seems off. Anybody see anything glaring?

Update [2007-10-30 22:37:27 by CornFromAJar]: Final ballot submitted, with changes toward the bottom: 17) UConn, 18) Florida, 19) Wake, 20) Tennessee, 21) Carolina, 22) Kentucky. Still not perfect, but it's there.