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Tennessee Volunteers - South Carolina Gamecocks post game awards

Worst tie. Coach Fulmer's, on his Sunday morning television show. I mean, did you see that thing? Yikes. Purple, red, and blue splotches with a yellow shirt. I hope that was a joke I missed or something.

Best where-have-you-been-all-my-life. Linebacker Ryan Karl, who seemed to be everywhere at once in the first half, racking up TFLs, tipping passes, and generally wreaking havoc. He had a timely interception in the second half, too.

Biggest man crush. Me, on Eric Berry, who was an absolute monster, again, primarily in the first half. Dude finished the game with 12 tackles, one fumble recovery (and a 52-yard return), and one interception (and 13-yard return).

Best foot. Freshman kicker Daniel Lincoln, who hit two huge pressurized field goals, one from 48 yards to send the game into overtime and the game-winner from 27 yards in overtime.

Best lateral. Not Tennessee, but oh doctor, did you see this?

Best nickname. The First Family of Fourth Down, for the Colquitt family, of course.

Worst locker room speech. Whoever said anything in the Tennessee locker room at halftime to metamorphasize Bubba Hyde back into Barney Jekyl. Double Yikes. Let's just stay on the field next time.

Best defensive stand. On Steve Spurrier's last real drive of regulation, the tired, tired, tired defense was looking at what must have seemed like their 200th third and five of the evening. Get this, and the Gamecocks might go on to get a touchdown or, at the least, chew up more clock before hitting their go-ahead field goal. Blake Mitchell rolled out of the pocket for a throw, but the left tackle (couldn't see who it was) got pressure on him, and the pass was off the mark. Ryan Succopp hit the field goal, and Tennessee had time to get into field goal range themselves.

The Non-Sponsored Game-Changing Moment. LaMarcus Coker's timely kickoff return to the 47 giving the offense the head start it so desperately needed for its final game-tying drive.

Worst near miss. Arian Foster's fumble on the final game-tying drive. Like I said soon after the game, it was a novel way to get that elusive first down, but sheesh.

Fastest 300 pounds. Offensive lineman Jacques McClendon, who had just come into the game for an injured Eric Young when Foster fumbled the ball up field. McClendon was Jacquey-on-the-Spot and recovered the thing for a first down yards and yards away from where offensive linemen usually finish plays.

Worst timing. The team's third (and Erik Ainge's second) sack of the season, which caused Ainge to fumble and which came while the clock was winding down with the team trying to get into field goal range to tie the game. It's a good thing that Ainge isn't getting sacked more often as he's lost the ball both times it's happened this season.

Best oops, sorry, my bad. Tennessee's false start penalty on the potential game-tying field goal, which Lincoln missed. We got to do it again, and Lincoln hit it. Lincoln said post-game that he and the holder both already knew the play wasn't going to count, and they were just going through the motions half-heartedly. Okay, but still.

Best stat. Tennessee is 6-1 in OTs, which might explain why I love college football overtimes.

Got any post game awards of your own? Leave them below.