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Talking Points: child abuse edition

  • Somebody's abusing a child next week. With this week's Hail Mary Haiku entry, expat the Vol Abroad announces a little bet she's got going with Bulldog expat Chris Dellavedova, who's feeling quite confident about Georgia's chances in Knoxville on Saturday. The loser's dressing their youngin in the other school's colors. Don't miss the video of Baby Cletus in orange.

  • Putting the "fun" in funeral! Did you know that Florida allows loved ones of dead Gator fans to spread their ashes on the sideline of the football field?

  • Stars and busts. Jimmy Hyams has an excellent article examining the correlation, if any, between the recruiting rankings of five classes against their actual performance on the field.

  • Who's that knocking? Coach Fulmer greeted the team with an Auburn cheer at last Sunday night's practice,  and the team is "energized" by the newfound opportunity handed to them by Auburn. But while the offensive line is one of the best in the nation at protecting its quarterback, they must be able to also open up holes for the team's running backs. And perhaps the biggest key to success this weekend will be stopping the run.

  • Reminder. Don't forget to enter this week's Hail Mary Haiku before tomorrow and to enter your picks in the RTT College Pick 'Em game.

  • Land Shark. Join me in welcoming Fear the Fin, SB Nation's new San Jose Sharks blog.

Argh. Play clock at one and no timeouts left. Snap.