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LaMarcus Coker and Demonte Bolden suspended for homecoming game

Lamarcus CokerJust got word that LaMarcus Coker and Demonte Bolden have been suspended for Saturday's game against the Ragin' Cajuns.

I have not been able to confirm this with any media sources yet, so consider it rumor at this point. Will update as information becomes available.

Update [2007-10-31 19:1:21 by Joel]: True. The ever-popular "violation of team rules." No specifics, and no discussion of what "strike" Coker may be on. From the sound of it, Fulmer's deemed him to have simply fouled one off on a full count. Come on, LaMarcus, stay on the bus.

As we've said here before, only LaMarcus Coker can stop LaMarcus Coker.