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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Georgia Hail Mary Haiku

Some pretty strong entries this week:

Go Pro Georgia Dawg
Come over here, Uga
We'll take you to your new home
Meet nice Mister Vick
by Vol Abroad

We are back!
War Eagle, we are back
The Big Orange now have a chance
Beat the Dawgs, win out!
by Smitty

going to the dawgs
Watch Phil snatch defeat
From the jaws of victory
Vols go to the dawgs
by ttocswob

UGA's legs are too short
can't run with the big DAWGS
just stay on the PORCH !!!
by old smokey

Hope my Arkansas
Bought Arkansas ticks,
hope Vols are contending then,
not playing for pride.
by rustytanton

Mommy made a bet
If Volunteers lose
I will dress my baby boy
In Georgia colors

If Tennessee wins
expat blogging Bulldog fan's
son must wear orange
by Vol Abroad

Last big win...was it
BYE or Open State?
NO...War Eagle! What???
by ttocswob

Barbequeed Bulldog
Ever wondered what
barbequed Bulldog tastes like?
Like chicken, I guess.
by Aerobab

I'm not gonna try it, you try it
Big mistake if we
Punt it to Henderson 'cuz
He likes it! Hey, Mikey!
by Joel

Voting remains open through sometime Saturday.