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In moving pictures: Tennessee Volunteers beat the Georgia Bulldogs, 35-14

Woo for a little defense to go with the offense!

Full screen version.

Seven first half possessions for Georgia, seven punts. Seven first half possessions for Tennessee, four touchdowns, two punts, and one cut short by the expiration of time, but the game was essentially over by then.

A 21-14 edge in first downs, including a 12-3 advantage for rushing first downs. 190 yards rushing to the Dawgs' 69, and Ainge beat Stafford in passing yards, too, (221-174) even though Georgia was playing from behind the entire game.

Foster had just a monster game sharing time but gaining 98 yards and getting three TDs, and Erik Ainge again spread the ball around well, hitting seven different receivers:

More tomorrow. Tonight, we enjoy the win and root against the Gators.