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Tennessee-Georgia post-game awards

Most heartening post-game quote. David Cutcliffe, who said, "We studied ourselves and felt like we could run the ball and throw out of some run sets. We think there's more there." Here's to hoping the re-emergence of the Tennessee run game wasn't an aberration.

Worst timing. Tri Cities news source WJHL, which on several occasions ran a promo for a tailgate show -- for the Tennessee-Florida game.

Best reappearance. The traditional I formation, complete with an extra blocking back. Arian Foster seems to run better behind another wrecking ball.

Best sacrifice. Chris Brown, the tight end who'd spent most of this year catching passes and most of the Georgia game as the aforementioned wrecking ball. Thanks, Chris!

Best worst attitude. Offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe, who was apparently very unhappy at practice last week. "They might like me now, but they didn't last week," Cutcliffe said. "When you don't like what you're getting, you've got to change what you're doing."

Best leg. Britton Colquitt, who kicked off for the first time this season and recorded two touchbacks, which qualify as "big plays" this season with the new rule change. When he wasn't getting it into the end zone, he was at least getting it inside the five with a hang time of 4.2-ish. Hang time in prior games had been 3.6 or 3.7, according to the coaching staff, and that was on shorter kicks.

Best prognostication. Corn from a Jar, who was close to perfect.

Best innovation. The new spread punt formation, which allows players to "attack down the field sooner, instead of having to step back to maintain the line's integrity." The new wrinkle held the dangerous Georgia punt return unit to 11 yards.

Best instant replay,  I. For the second year in a row, Tennessee blocked a punt against Georgia. Last year, Antonio Wardlow. This year, Ellix Wilson.

Worst response to a spectacular play. Ellix Wilson, whom officials tagged with one of two 15-yard penalties following the blocked punt for removing his helmet in celebration. Son, you don't dance out of the bank you just robbed.

Best instant replay, II. David Cutcliffe, Erik Ainge, Lucas Taylor, and LaMarcus Coker, and the rest of the offense for running the same play with the same effect as last year's touchdown against Florida. Ainge fakes a handoff to Coker, who's going left. He instead hands it off to Taylor, who's going right. Taylor then pulls up and throws left to Coker who has half the field to himself. Taylor's passing efficiency must be phenomenal.

Best goose egg. Erik Ainge, who, despite having yet another a stellar day (17 of 22 for 165 yards), had zero touchdowns. When that's because we're running the ball so well and because we scored through the air on a trick play, we'll take it.

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