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Talking Points: Georgia fans are not rotten neighbors edition


Vol stuff to read after digging up dirt on your rotten neighbors:

  • First things first, if you missed last Sunday's edition of EDSBS Live, go check out the interview with Verne Lundquist. Excelllent stuff, and congratulations to Orson and Peter for a fanstastic job.
  • Vol fans' reaction to Saturday's blowout of Georgia: Third Saturday in Blogtober's Ghost of Neyland says we own Georgia. The Vol Abroad says how 'bout them Vols and is grateful that the Red and Black expat had to make good on the bet. Fulmer's Belly wonders whether the Neyland mystique is back. The Memhis Commercial Appeal's Ron Higgins says not so fast (audio link courtesy of The Sports Tap).
  • By the way, Tennessee's No. 25 in the AP poll. No. 24? Georgia, who's lost to South Carolina (No. 7) and Tennessee (No. 25). We've lost to Cal (No. 2) and Florida (No. 13).  And yes, we're not even ranked in the coaches' poll. But there's time and opportunity.
  • Reaction from the Dawgosphere: Dawg Sports: Georgia essentially took two weeks off. Georgia Sports Blog: a worried Paul Westerdawg apologizes to Vol fans,  and Quinton McDawg praises Arian Foster:
    Tennessee looked unstoppable in the first half. Arian Foster was Roger Craig, running downhill, all knees and elbows, refusing to submit to Georgia's version of tackling, which was all hugging and cuddling.
    Doug thanks Southern Cal and Wisconsin for distracting the national media away from Georgia's humiliation, but is beginning to get a little bit miffed by Mark Richt's unflappable-ness:
    I think anything short of Katharyn Richt getting bludgeoned to death by an al-Qaeda assassin in her own kitchen would elicit little more than a scowl on the face of our Fearless Leader, and to some extent that's been a boon for our program and our players. But to some extent it's also been a hindrance -- as I've alluded to before in this space -- and never has that been the case more than it was on Saturday.
  • Elsewhere around the blogosphere: Brian Cook declares the Les Miles myth really most sincerely dead.
  • Welcome to new SB Nation Missouri Tigers blog Rock M Nation.

Time's up. Go.