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Vote for the winner of the RTT Ragin' Cajuns Hail Mary Haiku

Hey, I remembered. Vote for this week's winner over on the right sidebar of the main page.

Vols on Top
Vols on Top,
Cage the Cajuns,
Scalp Injuns 45-10
by old smokey

Orange steel
The Orange steel collides
engulfing the offensive
Cajuns run to
escape death
by BloodSpite

Dialogue Haiku
My Haiku is a little different.  The first line is a statement from a Vol fan, the second is a statement from a Bammer, and the third line is the Vol fan answering.

Phillip eyes the spread...
A Spread of Coldcuts and Cheese?
ULL Spread, Jerk.
by MeytonPanning

Orange Titanic
Taking on water;
Ship spared from sinking thanks to
Ragin' bail buckets.
by Aerobab

Leave with L
ULL Cajuns
Cannot Stand the second L
Leave Knoxville with third
by Vol Navy

Fumble Gumbo
Mike Desormeaux,
Runs just a little too sleaux,
Gumbo fumbleaux!
by ttocswob

Fun with abbreviations
This week, UL-Laf.
Abbreviations are fun
It sounds like "you'll laugh."
by Joel