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Vote for the winner of the RTT Hail Mary Haiku, Vanderbilt Commodore edition

Strong stuff again this week. Vote for the winner over on the right sidebar of the front page. Voting remains open through the posting of the open game thread, sometime before kickoff on Saturday.

Vol Navy
VOL NAVY protects Fort Neyland
sinks Dors
VOLS slam DOORS 45-10
by old smokey

Bend but don't break
Bend but don't break - our
defense looks great - as long as
Bennett don't break it!
by ttocswob

the road to the championship
It might have been trap
but Vols won't fall into that
Atlanta's on the map!
by Volorado

Keep it in the family
Ole Cornelius married
first cousin and made 13 kids.

Old timers were weird.

Vols also keep it
in the fam; but instead with the
beat-down of lil'bro.
by Aerobab

Message to Vandy: We're still angry
Last Time in Knoxville
Cutler in [Year Redacted].
It's Payback Time 'Dores....
by MeytonPanning

An Eric Berry Twist
Bennett catches ball
NO, Eric Berry has it
Touchdown Tennessee!
by XRayVol

Pain, vengeance
What once we saw, pain
What we shall soon see, vengeance
Vols break down all Dores
by 90Alum

Out of gas?
Last week: vehicle
firing on all cylinders
This week: out of gas?
by Joel