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Tennessee Volunteers v. Vanderbilt Commodores: open game thread

Update [2007-11-17 17:40:22 by Joel]: Vols win 25-24 when Vanderbilt misses a 49-yard field goal attempt in the final minute. More later tonight or tomorrow. After I recover.

Tennessee logo

November 17, 2007, 2:00 p.m. EST
TV: VideoSeat PPV
Dish Network: 463
DirecTV: 684
Radio: Vol Network
Internet Audio (game time):
XM Radio: 144
Phone Broadcast: TeamLine
Live Stats:

Vanderbilt logo

17 (BlogPoll)

NR (BlogPoll)


Tennessee rush
Vanderbilt defense
Tennessee pass
Vanderbilt defense
Vanderbilt rush
Tennessee defense
Vanderbilt pass
Tennessee defense
60 46 71 56
35 28 46 109
Vanderbilt logo
Vanderbilt logo
Vanderbilt logo
Tennessee logo


Field Goals
Tennessee punting
Vanderbilt punt return
Vanderbilt punting
Tennessee punt return
T-12 38 81  
T-67 65 102
Tennessee logo
Tennessee logo
Tennessee logo
Vanderbilt logo

Yikes. Can Vandy really have a better defense than our offense and a better rushing offense than our rushing defense? Somebody get me the schedules!

09/01 Richmond 41-17
09/08 Alabama 24-10
09/15 Ole Miss 31-17
09/29 E Michigan 30-7
10/06 at Auburn 35-7
10/13 #24 Georgia 20-17
10/20 at #6 S Carolina 17-6
10/27 Miami (OH) 24-13
11/03 at #20 Florida 49-22
11/10 #25 Kentucky 27-20
09/01 at #12 California 45-31
09/08 So Miss 39-19
09/15 at #5 Florida 59-20
09/22 Arkansas St 48-27
10/06 #12 Georgia 35-14
10/13 at Miss St 33-21
10/20 at Alabama 41-17
10/27 #16 S Carolina 27-24
11/03 La Lafayette 59-7
11/10 Arkansas 34-13

Um, not much help. We both got disassembled down in Gainesville, but Vandy beat Steve Spurrier worse than we did and Alabama beat us worse than they beat the Commodores. Once again, the Georgia game bucks the trend. Perhaps we didn't have to manufacture negativity all week; maybe we could have just looked at the numbers.

Congrats to MeytonPanning, who wins this week's Hail Mary Haiku with Message to Vandy :

Last Time in Knoxville
Cutler in [Year Redacted].
It's Payback Time 'Dores....

by MeytonPanning

Tennessee's been trending upward, and the 2005 game still looks like an aberration, but who would be shocked if we did indeed relapse to a depressive state after our manic phase last week against Arkansas? I'm still going with the Vols, 20-17, but I feel pretty wobbly about it.

See you here at kickoff!

Go Vols!