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Talking Points: Saban, Criticism, and Coker edition

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  • Keep your eye on Every Day Should Be Saturday this morning to see what Orson and I have been cooking up this week. It's along the same theme as Third Saturday in Blogtober's post analogizing Nick Saban's circuitous journey from Baton Rouge to Tuscaloosa to . . . well, just go read and enjoy.

  • Hey, there's a game this weekend! According to Inside Tennessee's Jimmy Hyams, the Vols have the edge over the (deep breath, limbering fingers) University of Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns (rest) in every conceivable category except "intangibles," which is a push. But heartburn alert! Ragin' Cajuns senior quarterback Michael Desormeaux (actual spelling!), who is currently the nation's leading rushing QB, is averaging around 100 yards per game on the ground. According to UT linebacker Ryan Karl, "The offense [is] a whole bunch of trickeration, and you don't know who has the ball a lot of times." Oh, boy. Can anyone say "Air Force?" Wait, Randy Moore already did. Fortunately, Hyams is not leaving anything to chance, and he gets the team up for this game by criticizing the team for needing media critcism to get up for games. Thanks, Jimmy (seriously), for doing the dirty work this week, giving ESPN and John Pennington a much-need respite.

  • According to Chris in-the-know Low, LaMarcus Coker's suspension for Saturday's game was a result of his missing multiple required drug-counseling sessions. Missing a session triggers another drug test, and we won't know the results of the latest until sometime today. If it's positive, he's gone. Full count. The pitch . . . the swing . . . he connects . . . it's down the third base line . . . fair or foul? Stay tuned.