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Happy Thanksgiving to the RTT Community

I'm taking most of the day off, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank the Rocky Top Talk community for making this site what it is. Since the first post on August 26, 2006, we've had nearly a quarter of a million visitors (216,540, to be exact) and nearly half a million page views (okay, more of a stretch at 438,006, but you know me and numbers). We're up to 416 registered users and 4,719 comments. All of this despite having done nothing controversial and the fact that the Tennessee message board community hardly knows we exist.

More important than any statistics, we've having a lot of fun, and it's all thanks to the developing community. So I just wanted to mention today how grateful I am for all of you. On the rare day that posting gets a bit tedious on top of the 50-hour a week day job, it's your involvement that maintains the momentum.

At the very great risk of forgetting or neglecting anyone (sorry!), thanks especially to the following:

  • Corn from a Jar, who's made the site more than twice as nice since he joined up.
  • Aerobab, Rusty, Smitty and the other charter members (you know who you are!) who have been involved from the very beginning. Aerobab himself has left 749 comments.
  • Hooper, for the math.
  • BloodSpite, who's bearing the orange proudly into enemy territory.
  • The Vol Abroad, who allows us to claim that we're global.
  • OneNationUnderVols, Rusty, and the others who ensure that this place doesn't just become a fluff-factory for the Tennessee athletic department.
  • Old Smokey, for his absolute inability to go negative and for always having more news to come.
  • For all of the Hail Mary Haiku contestants and the participants in the RTT College Pick 'Em game.
  • For all of the regular commenters, including (I'm forgetting somebody, sorry!) recent active commenters XRayVol, Volorado, ttoscwob, jbragg, bulldurham, MeytonPanning, Holly, Ghost of Neyland, RevOrange, gramsey712, getoffmyvols, and all of the others.
  • For all of you lurkers out there who keep coming back, hoping that we've finally fixed it.
  • For anyone's who's ever spread the word and invited someone to join the fun.

Happy Thanksgiving.