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Tennessee Volunteers at Kentucky Wildcats: open game thread

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Tennessee logo

November 24, 2007, 1:30 p.m. EST
Radio: Vol Network
Internet Audio (game time):
XM Radio: 144
Phone Broadcast: TeamLine
Live Stats:

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17 (BlogPoll)

NR (BlogPoll)

This is it. Forget the fact that we gave up waaay Too Tenny Muchdowns in Berkeley, file away the dishumiliarassment in Gainesville, and banish the memory of suffering through more than a few of our not favorite things in Tuscaloosa. We can win the SEC East, thanks in part to the Dawg Pounding, the Show Stealing, and the general futility permeating the rest of the league. Here we are. One more win over the Wildcats for a trip to Atlanta to take on an LSU team who very well could be emotionally distraught over the abrupt 3OT ending of its season-long chase to play in the National Championship, courtesy of the same Hogs we dominated just a few short weeks ago. It's not all of the marbles, but it's a whole mess of 'em.

We've looked at the respective numbers. We've aired our grievances. We know we must run the ball. And run the ball, and run the ball. And limit Woodson. This game is Everest, K2, Mars, to Kentucky -- let's just hope a win for them is as unattainable.

Congrats to Volorado, who wins this week's Hail Mary Haiku with the double-portioned Old Ties/Half Cat :

Randy Sanders saves
the Vols dreams with a loss
to prized recruit, Ainge!

Folks on Rocky Top
Fear no beast from Kentucky
For we are half cat!
by Volorado

See you in the comments below. Let's see if we can hit the 500 mark.

Go Vols!