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Vote for the winner of the RTT Hail Mary Haiku, SEC Championship edition

Originally posted earlier, re-time stamped to bump to the top.

Some fantastic heaves this week, so good luck choosing just one. Vote over on the right sidebar of the front page. Voting will remain open until the SEC Championship open game thread (!) is posted sometime early Saturday afternoon.

Here Kitty
Tigers growl
Smokey Howls
But you've never seen
a Hound dog in a tree
by BloodSpite

Dear Mr. Miles,
It's easy to see
your heart is Big 10 country,
could you leave early?
by Volorado

Nutt gave you your Phil
Fulmer is always hungry
Les A'int Always More!
PS- Capitalized AA,M in last line stands for... Ann Arbor, Michigan!
by Volorado

Foster full steam ahead,
Ainge tames Kats,
Phil, Miles ahead of Les
Smokey takes S.E.C. Championship Banner to the Hill
by old smokey

Recipe for Victory
Cajuns love to cook
Great, cause Fulmer loves to eat
Win sweet as sugar
by Getoffmyvols

georgia, you will watch
gators, you will watch us too
vols for east, so sweet!
by guilded

Remember When?
A backup quarterback you used,
dashing our SEC and Rose Bowl dreams
This year it's pay back!
by VolBrian

Riches to Rags
Coming out of the bayou,
LSU will have new understanding of Tiger Rag(s),
When Ole Smokey is Unleased!
by Lunicidal VOL

Sugar Bowl
Rolling into A-T-L
Miles is rolling to Michigan
Vols in Sugar Bowl again!
by Smitty

odoriferous emanations
The conference trophy's
aroma will consist of
moonshine, not corndogs
by Spirit of the Hill

Hot-lanta Grill
Hot-lanta Grillin'
Tiger tastes just like chicken,
Smells like wolverine!
by ttocswob

For whom the sugar tolls..
Geaux Vols, Sugar's Sweet.
Again underdog bell tolls
Tigers, it tolls for thee!
by CT4UT

Ainge a new man
Flashback. Baton Rouge.
Huge meltdown in the end zone.
Ainge is a new man.
by Joel