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Tennessee Volunteers dominate Ragin' Cajuns for a 59-7 Homecoming victory

Domination, old friend, how long has it been?

Full screen version.

A beautiful thing, isn't it? Eight drives, seven scores, all but one touchdowns. Defense to go with the offense as well, as the Ragin' Cajuns scored on only one of 10 drives. Woo for 59-7.

But wait, what's this?

You'd think that with a score of 59-7 that there would be more than a 29-24 advantage on first downs. We did have 102 more yards in total offense . . .

. . . a bunch of it on the ground, courtesy primarily of Arian Foster and Lennon Creer:

Still, despite the re-commitment to the run game and the success we had with it, the Ragin' Cajuns actually possessed the ball longer than Tennessee did:

Perhaps the best news is the number of strange names we find on the receiving pie chart:

Lucas Taylor had a decent game with 51 yards, but Austin Rogers and Josh Briscoe are nowhere to be found in the pie. (The "Three Others" are Gerald Jones, Chris Brown, and Luke Stocker.) No worries, though, as newcomers Kenny O'Neal, Denarius Moore, and Quintin Hancock all contributed well to the passing game.

All in all, it was a solid, solid game for the Vols, but the minutiae doesn't give the same impression as does the final score. And if you saw the Arkansas-South Carolina game yesterday, you'll likely join me in being concerned about our chances next week against the Razorbacks. More on that later. For now, though, we should enjoy the blowout victory. Homecoming is a time for catching up with old friends. Domination, it sure was good to see you. Let's do a better job of keeping in touch from now, okay?