Noise, noise and more noise

Quite enthusiastically, I'll be attending this Saturday's game with the 'Backs. I'm REALLY looking forward to going home with a bleeding throat.

I read on an Ark blog that they've been practicing with "Rocky Top" blaring onto the feild. Even better, it appears that they've had some miscommunications with McFadden in the WildHog package because of it.

I'm pleading, nay, begging the Volunteer faithful who'll be attending this all-too-important game with me to make as much noise as possible when Arkansas has the ball, especially when McFadden steps in behind the center. I know that Vol fans always make a lot of noise during the game, but it's especially important this weekend because I think we can really throw them out of sync. And God knows we need all the three and outs we can get.

So come on Vols and join me in leaving the game with a bleeding throat on Saturday. Let's make the Earth itself shake under the thunderous roars of Neyland Stadium and make those Razorbacks wish they'd never had to come to Knoxville and sorry that they ever have to come back. We're undefeated at home this year and I for one will do everything I can to keep it that way. I know ya'll will too. Get loud early, often, and late. LET'S BRING THE NOISE!!!

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