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Vote for the winner of the RTT Hail Mary Haiku, Arkansas Razorback edition

A lot of good entries this week. Vote for the winner over on the right sidebar of the front page. Voting open through the posting of the open game thread, sometime before kickoff on Saturday.

Phil likes Bacon,
Smokey likes Ham,
Ainge will take Hogs with toast and jam.
by old smokey

Vols with the ball
Convert on 3rd down
BBQ anyone?
by BloodSpite

Dear Mr. McFadden
Please don't run over us, again.
Thanks, Phillip Fulmer
by Smitty

New Open Field Threat
Stop run, Make 'em throw
Antonio Reynolds pick
with sweet juke for win!
by Getoffmyvols

Wish List
Please stop McFadden
Please run ball in second half
New kids make big plays
by XRayVol

Whoa pig sou-wee
Hogs can run all day
But pigs penned up at Neyland
Defense eats stuffed ham
by XRayVol

Begging for McMercy
Skyward floats the ball
Lucas Taylor jumps for it
Crompton for Heisman!
by ghostofneyland

Ode to an Idiot Hog Coach
Defense stomps D-Mac
Houston, we have a problem.
Coach is going Nutts!
by MeytonPanning

Happy as a Hawg
Phil Fulmer will be
Happy as a hawg in slop!
Houston Nutt - not so much...
by ttocswob

He REALLY wants it!
McNeil with a grin
Wants to celebrate again
He'll play hard to win
by XRayVol

That'll slow him down!
To demoralize
McFadden, send his girlfriend
To Josh McNeil's house
by XRayVol

McBrain Sprain
Lawyer picks up math.
Put that down, you'll hurt yourself!
You're right. McBrain Sprain.
by Joel