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Animated BlogPoll: Eagles are tasty, pachyderms are fun edition

Okay, I know that it seems like nobody's eating eagles these days, but I'm pretty sure there's some tribal law somewhere that allows Native Americans to hunt eagles with tomahawks. Elephants, though, I'm not so sure, so I'll leave that to the Tigers, even if they are pining after a long lost love.

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And hey, what do you know, Corn from a Jar and I have made it into Brian's tongue-lashing section for the last two of three weeks. It was really only a matter of time before he and I alternating ballots showed up on the radar. As you might expect, we first won Mr. Manic-Depressive for having, surprise, strikingly different ballots from one week to the next, which led CfaJ to admit the diagnosis of BlogPoller Disorder. Well, the meds must have kicked in because this week we were designated Mr. Stubborn for having, get this, ballots that were too similar. Go figure.

Anyway, you can find this week's berating over at MGoBlog. Full poll after the jump.