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Friday evening notebook nuking

Cleaning out the fridge before the weekend's games kick off and this stuff spoils. Nuking the Google Notebook. Whatever metaphor works for you, just expect no rhyme or reason.

What to Watch- The Running Game- The game will be decided by our ability to stop the run, and run the football effectively. The fact is if Tennessee can step up and stop the run, and by stop I mean keep DMac and Jones under 200 yards, we should win this game. But lets be honest, thats about as likely as Josh McNeil watching the end of "The Notebook" without crying. Its not going to happen. That means our running game has to step up. I’m anxious to see how the Foster and Creer combination plays out, and Hardesty for that matter if he gets on the field (I still won’t let that go). That power and speed combo should be tough to stop. If Tennessee is able to run the football effectively it will keep DMac on the sidelines, which is where he needs to be if we want to win this game.
  • XRayVol will be rawing his red throat for Tennessee tomorrow against Arkansas. Will you?
  • In case you missed it, Chris Low had an excellent article on Bruce Pearl this week at ESPN. Hat tip to Ghost of Neyland, I think it was, where I first saw it.
  • How many times do we have to hear this: Despite freshman Lennon Creer's 216 rushing yards being just 38 shy of sophomore Montario Hardesty, "don't expect Creer's carries to increase soon. Cutcliffe said he's pleased with Creer's pass protection skills in most sets, but said he still has much to learn." Are we keeping a sure thing on the bench out of fear of a remote possibility with a less-than-catastrophic consequence?
  • Charlie Weis And The Chocolate Factory: 11 Most Evil SEC Coaches: #11-9. A bit salty, but pretty funny. Hat tip to reader Grant.
  • Brad Cottam is practicing, which may seem like a good thing, but probably isn't because it means the NCAA probably won't grant him a sixth year of eligibility.
  • And this is way old, but just in case you missed it, Orson earlier this week had a Prejudiced Guide to Your Nation Title Contenders. Excerpt:


Pertinent prejudices: Hippies. Stinking, no-good, football-hating hippies struck with the luck of having a gazillionaire loon like Phil Knight subsidizing their football program. And they play on the West Coast. They’re closer to China than they are to Bear Bryant or Woody Hayes’ corpse, and probably commies just lyin’ in the grass to take your guns and tax you till the hair falls off your [secrets.] [You've been Fulmerized! -- ed.]. They might not even play with pigskin–it’s probably some cruelty-free ball produced from laytex and soycrap made in a factory with a big sign that says "This Is A Safe Place for Women"–just like the sign they should hang over the whole [dern] [You've been Fulmerized! -- ed.] Pac-10.