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Talking Points: Cutcliffe to Duke official, dominoes falling

Your Monday morning talking points:

  • So it's official. Offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe is leaving for Duke. Steve Spurrier of all people advised Cutcliffe to take the job in part because the people there are "enthusiastic" and "hungry." Okay, then. The dominoes are already falling. Tennessee was "close to No. 1" in the eyes of the most-sought after quarterback recruit in the nation, Terrelle Pryor, but now they've been relegated to "in the mix, but on the back burner."
  • If Trooper Taylor is offered the offensive coordinator position at Baylor and passed over for the same position on Rocky Top, we can expect him to leave, which would be a huge blow to the program. The man has "it." More on that "it" later, hopefully.
  • John Adams says that Tennessee should consider some young innovative type for the OC position. Someone like Tulsa's Gus Malzahn or Georgia Southern's Chris Hatcher. Any chance that The Papa chucks Tradition and embraces that shiny new spread contraption? Nah. Schools like Tennessee don't do new. Or do they?
  • Unrelated, but check out Peter's Baseball Hall of Fame Denotation Guide.
All for now.