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Recruiting Board Semi-update

The 2008 Recruiting Board has been updated, sorta. The board went straight to the bottom of my blogging priorities after the Florida game, when I was convinced Tennessee would be looking for a new head coach in December, rendering any recruiting done by the current coaches pretty much moot (my bad). Even in late November I wasn't sure Phil & Co. were going to be around, and now that "& Co." is in flux, I'm not sure how much to read into the current recruiting landscape.

I do know that Tennessee isn't likely to get a quarterback -- this after having a shot at the nation's #1 QB -- though that could change depending on who the new coordinator is. Actually, a lot will change depending on who the new coordinator is, especially if it is someone from outside the family.

So what has been done in this update:

  • Players who have dropped UT or committed elsewhere have been dropped from the board
  • Players who have committed since the last update have been added or identified as commits, though new additions have no extra info yet.
In other words, there's no new news, mostly just some maintenance. A meatier update hopefully coming in the not-too distant future, along with some much overdue recruiting woo!s.

Go Vols