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AN ACTUAL THING THAT'S HAPPENING: Fulmer to Interview Clemson's Rob Spence

Amid all the speculation of what Fulmer may do about finding a new offensive coordinator, here's something he will, in fact, do: interview Clemson OC Rob Spence. So, who is this guy?

Well, judging by his picture, he's not Trooper Taylor. GVX says...

Spence turned down an offer to become offensive coordinator at Minnesota last year to remain at Clemson. He also talked with the NFL's Oakland Raiders last offseason and Alabama about possibly joining Nick Saban's staff.

This season, Spence led an offense that ranked second in the ACC in rushing offense (158.8 yards per game, 50th nationally), passing offense (253.6 yards per game, 41st nationally) and total offense (412.4 yards per game, 47th nationally). The Tigers' 34.2 points per game ranked first in the ACC and 23rd nationally.

Sounds pretty good, and Brent Hubbs (who broke the story[$]) says Spence is "highly respected in the coaching world."

So all that sounds good, but what does the guy's offense look like? FWIW, here's a quick Clemson highlight reel:

And here's two charts, one detailing what Spence's offenses have done while he's been an offensive coordinator, the second what Tennessee's offense has done in the same time span:

The strength of schedule is thrown in there to see what kind of competition the guy has faced, though to be fair it's not really a measure of the kind of defenses his teams have gone up against. Also, the stats at Toledo should probably be compared to the MAC, because the Rockets aren't really competing on a national scale (but they did have some great offenses while Spence was there... against crappy competition. Hmm.)

Other things to consider: what other coaches will this guy bring with him? What's his track record on recruiting? What does he think about orange pants?

Is this an interview that interests y'all as Vol fans? And is anybody as surprised as I am that Fulmer went outside the UT family for his first interview?